This recently composed opera is set in current times, sung in English and set to classical music.

The action takes place amongst a gang of East European migrant vegetable pickers on a remote farmland in the Fens, Lincolnshire, initially in a field, later amongst their caravans.

The workers are of several East European nationalities, mainly non-EU nations, who may therefore have passport, or visa difficulties, and be subject to exploitation by the gangmaster Boronowski.

The story concerns the difficulties of living and working in a gang which is isolated from everyday legality in the UK, so that the gangmaster rules, and controls the payments to the workers. One of the pickers falls in love with a local English farm worker that leads to the death of the gangmaster and reveals long hidden secrets from the past.

The opera is an hour and a quarter long.

The music was composed by Jonathan Graham, who lives in Whittlesey, Peterborough, and is a professional botanist and jazz musician.

The libretto was written by Nigel Gibbons, who lives in Ipswich and is a retired GP and singer.

The musical director for the premiere performances is Kate Wishart, who is involved in many musical performances both locally and abroad and also directs The Peterborough Opera and Oundle Gilbert and Sullivan.